New Cardano Mainnet Relay

To prepare for our ISPO and to add a block producer failsafe to our stake pool we have set up a new relay node and a second is on the way. In addition to our three nodes located in Sweden we will have two nodes located in Germany. One of them is already up and synching with the network and the other will be set up this coming week.

The second node in Germany will act as a failsafe block producer which we can switch to in a matter of minutes in case there should be any problems with our block producing node in Sweden.

We will write a comprehensive technical guide on how we did this to share with other stake pool operators. The current state of security and redundancy is not the best among many of the smaller pool operators so we think that it will be really good to publish a guide on how to set all of this up.

We also see that the usage of offline signing and hardware two factor authentication is lacking in the stake pool community so we have plans to write guides on how to do that too. For us it is important that all pools are operated safely and that we have many small and well decentralized stake pools.

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