Exciting News for the Gaming and Crypto Communities

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda just delivered some exciting news about their view on crypto and NFTs in their games. If you are unfamiliar with Square Enix, they are one of the largest AAA game developers with titles like the Final Fantasy series, Life is strange, and several Marvel games like Guardians of the galaxy….


New Year Big News

2022 is going to be a really exciting year for Sigma Stake and our delegators. We have big plans for Q1 2022, we will start minting our own token and doing an ISPO, initial stake pool offering, to raise money for the integration and development of a mobile MMO game. The tokens we distribute to…

Sigma Stakes First Validator Up and Running on the Solana Testnet

Today we have set up our first validator on the Solana testnet. You can monitor it on Validators.app We will be running the validator on the testnet to be able to onboard the Solana mainnet. Due to the recent popularity of Solana the wait times are significant, but we believe our high performance will put…